Chain Lengths and how to wear them

Chain Lengths and how to wear them - Mari Thomas Jewellery

Necklaces can be the finishing piece to any outfit. It could be that colourful statement piece to brighten up a look, or just a little something to add a sense of personality and character to your outfit - there'll always be something that works. 

But when there's so much variety, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming about what to chose and why. 

Necklace lengths

Standard length necklaces (usually 16’’-18") are the most common length and will suit most outfits. If you're looking for a necklace or pendant to wear day to day, this is likely to be your go-to length. This length commonly sits above the neckline for lower cut clothing, or over the top of crew necked and other high-neck t-shirts.

*Remember* - all of us come in different shapes and sizes: when selecting a necklace length, you should select the length that compliments your facial shape. 

Adjusting your necklace length

When selecting a gift, you should go with some room for adjustment with a necklace extender. For example, all of our Mari Thomas necklaces have two length options, (16’’-18’’, 18’’-20’’, 20’’-22’’) with loops that allows the wearer to choose the most suitable length for their outfit, making it a very versatile necklace to have in your collection.

This is also helpful for necklace layering with two or more necklaces, being able to choose the length that pairs well with your other necklaces.

If you have a current necklace you want to make bigger or smaller, our jewellers at Mari Thomas can add a loop, allowing you to wear it at a desired length.

Measuring a necklace length at home

The easiest way to measure a necklaced length at home is by using a current necklace you own, which suits you or the outfit you're planning to wear.

If you don't have an existing necklace to measure from, you can use some string or a soft sewing measuring tape to figure out the length that works best for you. Grab a measuring tape and wrap it around your neck, adjusting it to the length of necklace you and your outfit desires.

Standing in front of a mirror while doing this will help make it much easier to help you work it out. You might need another person to help and hold the ends together to get a better idea of how different lengths will sit on you.

Mark the desired length with a pen or erasable felt-tip pen for easier measurement and to remember the length.

When you have found your desired length, lay the string/chain flat on a surface and measure the length up to the mark. This measurement should be your necklace chain length.

*Make sure you are measuring in inches and not centimetres*


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