How to find out your partners ring size (without them knowing)

How to find out your partners ring size (without them knowing) - Mari Thomas Jewellery

So, you’re ready to find that perfect ring and pop the question. But there’s one thing in your way, YOU DON’T KNOW THEIR RING SIZE?!

No need to worry (as much) … we have made this handy little guide to help you (discretely) find out your future forever’s ring size.

We always suggest, if you don't know for sure, it is best to go a size or two smaller than the size you are guessing – It is easier for us to size the ring up than it is to size it down, especially if there are stones in the band.


Option A) Sneak a look in their jewellery box

Does your partner have a favourite ring/one they wear frequently?

  • Draw around the inner circle of the ring. It is best to use a pencil when doing this to make sure you don’t leave any marks (or evidence!) on the ring. This is a quick method to get a measurement from someone who frequently wears a ring.
  • Borrow your partner’s ring and take it to a reputable jeweller. Here at Mari Thomas, we can accurately measure the ring size so you can begin to choose your engagement ring design.
  • Use a ruler. Place the ring on top of a mm (millimetre) ruler and either take the measurement or take a photo. *Photo of ring on top of ruler*
  • Draw a line on your finger. Put their ring on your finger and draw a line of where it sits with a wash off felt-tip pen. This will help you show the jeweller their ring size, they can take the measurement from where the ring sits on your finger. Remember – draw the around the edge of the band that sits closest to your wrist.


Option B) Be discreet

  • Ask a friend or family member – they may know their ring size from a previous present or family heirloom. If someone you know has a similar finger size to your partner, ask them what their ring size is.


  • Get their friends on the case. Enlist the help of their friend to take them on a trip to go ‘window shopping’. This can be a good way of your partner trying on rings in a non-suspicious setting. This can help you gather information on not only their ring size, but also an idea of their design and style preferences.


  • Compare your hand and finger sizes. For example, if your partner’s ring finger is a similar size to your pinky finger this can give you a rough idea of their ring size.


  • Sneak it into general conversation. If you have both been talking about your future and your commitment to one another, drop it into the conversation. You may even gather information about their preferred ring design and shape.

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