Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings

Here at Mari Thomas we understand that this will be the most significant and memorable jewellery purchase you’ve ever made. When you book a free, one hour, no-obligation consultation with us we will assist you in every aspect of this journey to create a piece of jewellery as unique as the person that will wear it.

Together, we will create your bespoke ‘forever ring' of high quality craftsmanship that you feel best captures your love story. Designing and creating your unique ring is a story in itself.
Every aspect is carefully considered, to not only reflect the personality of the wearer, but also the essence of the relationship.

Remodel, Redesign & Remake

Do you have an item that's been sat in a jewellery box for far too long? Or a family heirloom that you would love to wear but it's not quite you?
At our on-site workshop, we can transform your unwearable pieces into something you'll never want to take off. We will work with you to re-design and re-create what you already have into a new piece of jewellery that reflects you.