How to measure for the perfect fit bangle

We make many sizes of bangle. In order to establish which is the correct size for you, we suggest measuring your hand with a flat ruler as indicated in the picture.

X small-  Size 18 (18cm circumference - 5.7m diameter)

Small-  Size 19 (19cm circumference -6cm diameter)

Med -  Size 20 (20cm circumference /6.4cm diameter)

Med plus -  Size 21 (21cm circumference / 6.7cm diam)

Large -  Size 22 (22cm circumference / 7cm diam)

Large plus - Size 23 (23cm circumference / 7.3cm diameter)

We make everything in our workshop so if you want a size different to the ones available or maybe an oval bangle suits you rather than round just get in touch.