How we chose to work sustainably

Working as environmentally friendly as possible has always been at the forefront of everything we do here at Mari Thomas. We want to use practices within the business to ensure that we are working as green as possible. From non-hazardous chemicals to compostable tea bags.

We jewellers are the original womblers! Nothing ever goes to waste in our workshop, everything gets recycled. All of the silver dust we produce or the bits of scrap that flake off all get gathered up, melted down and re-used.


Every piece of 925 Sterling Silver used in our work is 100% made from recycled materials.

Why? Because by doing so, this produces two thirds less CO2 than mined silver and significantly reduces transportation related emissions. Using recycled silver helps contribute to a circular economy and cuts down on our impact, all without comprimising the quality in design or construction of our jewellery.

Mining is one of the biggest industry contributors to global climate change. It can impact social and environmental systems in a range of negative ways, all impacting public health and human wellbeing. This includes deforistation, contamination of soil and streams, and an increase in emissions consequentially contributing to a devastating loss of biodiversity.


We've partnered with Ecologi to plant one tree for every order

Using 925 Recycled Sterling Silver is just the start but we know we can do so much more to off-set our carbon emissions. This is why we have a lifelong partnership with Ecologi, a company dedicated to off-setting carbon emissions and funding climate projects around the world. Find out more about Ecologi and their Collective Action.

Our customers are actively contributing towards the Eden Reforistation Project, an initiative using mangrove trees to filter carbon and protect the natural habitat of tropical fish.

Why Mangrove trees? - Mangrove trees can absorb three to four times more carbon per acre than other trees in tropical rainforests. This makes them superheroes in the fight against climate change!

Visit our trees here

What else are we doing?

We only use conflict-free and ethically sourced stones.

We work very closely with our stone dealers to ensure that the stones have all been sourced following fair labour practices and sustainable agreements. This measures the effect on people, communities, and our social footprint. Helping to ensure fair play, safe working conditions, environmentally sound practices, and that no human rights have been abused.

Non-toxic and non-hazardous chemicals

We use non-toxic and non-hazardous chemicals in our workshop and striving to use green and non-chemical products while making more plant-concious choices where possible.

Carefully selected packaging

We are working incredibly hard to make our packaging 100% recyclable and we are so close! Our MT bags and tissue paper are 100% recyclable and our boxes are nearly there with them!

At the moment, everything about the box is recycleable apart from the button. We are currently in the process of working with our manufacturer to redesign the boxes so that they don't include this button.  

Constantly reviewing everyday domestic items

We constantly review the everyday domestic items we use, identifying products that can offer greener options.

These are just some of the small everyday measures we use as a business to make our environmental impact as little as possible;

- LED lightbulbs for all fittings, including the gallery cabinets using 75% less energy and lasting 25 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.

- All of our domestic products are sourced locally from our local zero-waste shop, Y Pantri Glas. We only use recycled toilet paper, compostable tea bags, re-usable mugs and eco-friendly cleaning products.

- Powering down all equipment and lights at the end of the day. Including computers, workshop machinery and gallery display lights.