We are proud to showcase at the gallery in Llandeilo, work by some of the finest Welsh and International jewellers, designers and artists. A stunning array of designer pieces for the customer looking for something special and individual, all specially chosen by Mari. If you would like more information on our artists please get in touch. We will be making all this work available on line soon. Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page and be the first to hear about the launch! 

Brian Eburah

Charlotte Rowenna

Charmian Ottaway

Chris Boland

Yelland and Barker

Claire Staveley

Corgi Cashmere

Sabine Roth

Hanna Tommola

Helen London

Jodie Hook

Karen Williams

Kate Wimbush

Katherine Cambell Legg

Katie Tromans


Marianne Forest

Mary Ann Simmons

Natalie Vardey

Beatrice Mayfield

Suzie Horan

Tammy Child

Yuki Mitsuyasu

Timon Tio