How to find the perfect fit bangle

How to find the perfect fit bangle

Your Bangle Size

Bangles are solid pieces that are worn on your wrists but must be squeezed over your hand. They can be made in many sizes and should fit fairly tightly over your hand so that it doesn't fall over the thumb joint when worn and slip off easily.

To establish which is the correct size for you, we suggest measuring your hand as indicated in the picture with a solid ruler that does not bend and take your measurement from the middle of your knuckles. If the bangle is a wide one (over 2cm like our Brushstrokes bangle ) We suggest adding half a cm to the diameter measurement.


X small-  Size 18 (18cm circumference - 5.7m diameter)

Small-  Size 19 (19cm circumference -6cm diameter)

Med -  Size 20 (20cm circumference /6.4cm diameter)

Med plus -  Size 21 (21cm circumference / 6.7cm diam)

Large -  Size (22 (22cm circumference/ 7cm diam)

Large plus - Size 23 (23cm circumference / 7.3cm diameter)


These are our standard sizes for bangle widths such as Linear and Cofio, however since all our bangles are made to order we can of course make outside these measurements if required. 

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