Father's Day

Jewellery for men the perfect gift. torque bangles silver cufflinks and silver key rings

Dads love beautiful things too. They are no strangers to enjoying adornments, tokens and sentimental treasures, not averse to wearing beauty. And when it comes to father figures, what better way to tell them and show them how much they are loved and regarded than with a memorable piece of jewellery that has meaning.

We so readily think of jewellery as a gift primarily for women, as here, at Mari Thomas we help choose and create these gifts every day for women who are loved and valued, but we believe that men should not be excluded from the feeling of joy that comes when receiving such a thoughtful and striking gift.
What a warm-hearted feeling it is when a child bestows on their father figure a gift that they can witness them wearing. Such a wonderful gesture of how they can carry their child’s love with them wherever they go and wherever they are.
Rings worn on pinky fingers or thumbs, like Mari’s stunning “Cofio” ring that speaks special words to be kept close. In silver, oxidised silver or plated in yellow gold, its deeply embossed surface has a strong style that appeals to so many men with its universal appeal. Our “Carved” pendants range from subtle squares to bolder rectangular and fractured designs, in silver or oxidised silver. They are such easy pieces to wear every day.

Father’s Day was first conceived in 1910, two years after the creation of Mother’s Day, to celebrate our love of these male role models. It’s a day that all of us can observe regardless of any religions we might observe, and it has dug its roots into so many cultures. However, Pagans hold a strong claim, linking it to sun worship during the Summer Solstice, believing the sun to be the father of the universe.

We at Mari Thomas Jewellery hope you have a wonderful time if you are celebrating with your loved ones. Consider a gift from the gallery to help them remember your special love. And, don’t forget, they have birthdays and many other moments to mark, and we will always be happy to help you find the perfect gift.

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