Pages Collection

Pages Collection
Ever since I was a child I have always created things out of cardboard boxes, folded paper and drawn and sketched my ideas inspired by the world around me so the imagery of words and paper have always played an enormous part in the inspiration behind and creation of my collections. My sketchbooks and workbooks are my treasures, and a reminder of the path I have taken, as are the beautiful books filled with the poetic words of Welsh bards and ancient storytellers.  Together, they fuel my creative process to produce new treasures to be worn.
In my new collection, "Pages", I have created for you some beautiful pieces resembling lovingly thumbed pages of beloved novels, poetry anthologies, and books of wistful musings and ideas, their corners curled and shaped from years of being poured over and loved.
This collection is made individually by hand, not cast, in my workshop in Llandeilo, and because of this process, each item is unique. The "pages" are cut from a large page of silver, with raised words and sketches so that each piece has their own unique markings. These little pages are then folded, with the corners individually and painstakingly hand-curled.
I chose a modern paper clip chain to keep the pieces on trend while maintaining a wonderfully timeless and modern appeal. 
In the collection, you will also find exquisite mirror-image silver stud earrings to enhance the pendants and necklaces.
I still get excited every time I bring you something new, and I hope to see you in the gallery where you can view and try on the jewellery for yourself.  

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