Make it yours...

Do you love a particular collection at Mari Thomas, but want to make a piece personal to you?

Let us help you customise our designs so that you can make it part of your own unique story.

Here are a few ideas for inspiration...

Make it yours...


Use our existing designs as a canvas for a piece that you make yours. Do you seek subtlety or drama? Do you want something bolder or smaller, maybe adding precious stones that have meaning, embellishing already sophisticated pieces of jewellery.

Change the material from silver to gold or platinum. Gold can be alloyed to an assortment of gorgeous colours, from yellow, to rose red, to white, or even to green!

Bespoke silver torque bangle


Make it yours...


Nestle gems into the folds of Decorative Concepts, group the pieces of crumpled manuscripts and let them sit in the hollow of your throat, or hang dramatically from your ears. So many dramatic and eyecatching possibilities!

Bespoke Decorative Concepts silver necklace set with peridot stones

Make it yours...


Make the Brushtrokes yours, whether it be many or few, in gold, or in silver, or maybe in both, with highlights of shimmering stones.

Bespoke cufflinks with chain fittings in platinum

Make it yours...


A joyfully inspired, effervescent collection that lends itself perfectly to celebration. How would you make your celebratory mark? Maybe a tumble of golden bubbles embelished with diamonds, or citrine, or aquamarine? Let us help you imagine your bubbles.

Bespoke silver, diamonds and pearl bubbles necklace

Make it yours...


Two collections whose possibilities together are almost limitless. Mix metals with folded pages embellished, engraved or simply blank. Pages and Memo are both modern, and at the same time timeless in their undeniable sentimental theme.

What would your memo be?

Bespoke Pages and Memo long silver necklace

Make it yours...


Carve your own mark into this intensely evocayive collectioon. Its undulating surface lending itself perfectly to adding stones and gems for contrast and impact.

With essence of slate and granite formations, celebrate and add to its beautifully hewn, raw beauty in a way that sings out to you.

Bespoke Carved silver and moss agate pendant

Make it yours...


Cofio and Cube were created to reflect the beauty of Waldo WIlliams' resonant poem, "Cofio".

Maybe as a gift for someone you never want to forget, or who you never want to forget you.

Bespoke 18ct necklace with cube drops set with princess cut diamonds

Make it yours...


With all its varied textures, forms and shapes, Carreg can be customised strikingly with varied stones, giving even more dimensions to what is already a multi-dimensional design based collection.

Bespoke silver Carreg pendant and earrings set with peridots and opals

Make it yours...


With designs influenced by traditional blanket weave designs, these clear cut pieces are begging to be embelished. What about replicating in gold, or adding tourmalines, citrines or sapphires to add your own colour or sparkle?

Bespoke silver Carthenni pendant set with natural yellow princess cut diamonds