A few pictures from my journal and some lovely memories...

Daphne Guinness

Wearring bespoke Decorative Concepts earrings


Wearing Linear lapel pin

Bryn Terfel

Wearing Dathlu / Celebration lapel pin

Rebecca Evans

Wearing Decorative Concepts necklace.

Catrin Finch

Wearing Cube 3 Drop Pendant

Tim Rhys Evans

Wearing Decorative Concepts cufflinks

John Owen Jones

Wearring Carved lapel pin

Only Men Aloud

Wearing assorted items from all collections

Michael Sheen

Wearring Brushstroke lapel pin

Alex Jones and Morgan Jones

Alex wearing Decorative Concepts Collection. Morgan wearing Cofio Collection

Sophie Evans

Wearring Bespoke rose gold Decorative Concepts necklace

Dame Judi Dench

Wearing 18ct Gold Bubbles earrings

Hannah Stone and Catrin Finch

Wearing Glissando and Cube neckpieces

Fflur Wyn

Wearing Cofio earrings and silk scarf designed by Mari Thoms and Claire Staveley

Sian Lloyd

Wearing Cofio necklace and bespoke 'Sunshine' cocktail ring

Angharad Morgan

Wearring bespoke silver Decorative Concepts necklace

Bonnie Tyler

Wearing bespoke silver Peace Mala bracelet

Jimmy Sommerville

Wearing Linear lapel pin

Josie Lawrence

at the Hay Festival

Aled Jones

wearing Linear Tie Pin

Rakie Ayola and Suzanne Packer

Rakie wearing Cube 3 Drop silver Pendant. Suzanne wearing Long Cube Drop Earrings.

Nicola Haywood-Thomas

Wearing Dathlu Pendant