25 years ago I took the leap and set up my own jewellery business from the shed at the bottom of my parents garden. This has grown so much, way beyond my wildest dreams and aspirations so I am celebrating this in style with lots of fabulous things planned. Without the support of my family, friends and customers the business wouldn't be here today and definitely not the success story it is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support over the years and the wonderful memories you've sent me, this is your story too...

We first came across Mari about 9 years ago when we were looking for someone to design and make a special bracelet for our daughter. Mari’s understanding of what we wanted and her passion for her craft shone through, and that bracelet became the first of many pieces that we have bought
from Mari over the years. Special birthdays and anniversaries have all been marked by a trip to Llandeilo and a return journey with a special gray box!

In 2021, Ann was elected as the first female Master of the Worshipful Company of Vintners in the City of London, a City Livery Company that has been in existence for over 660 years. We thought we should commission a special piece of jewellery to mark the event, and naturally, we turned to Mari. There was one other special request : Over the years, Ann had been left a number of items of jewellery that she never wore, and it was our idea to try and recycle these into the new piece, including some gemstones from family pieces such as my late mother’s engagement ring.

Mari came up with the idea of a necklace echoing the themes of vines and bubbles - so closely linked to the Vintners’ Company. She and her team worked hard to incorporate the 3 types of gold and different sized diamonds into the design, and when we finally saw it, we we thrilled at how perfect it was, embodying Ann’s personality, the sense of occasion and Mari’s exquisite craftsmanship. Every time Ann wears the necklace, she gets comments on how beautifully it sits and how fascinating to have a piece that reflects so much family history.

Ann and Keith Hill

Here are the rings you made me for me. These rings came at a time that was so sad for us as a family. My beautiful mum passed away early on in Covid and we found this heartbreaking that we couldn't say proper goodbyes. These rings are made from her rings, my dads ring and my grandmother and aunties rings. I have three sons so no daughter to pass them on to so along with guidance from Mari she created these three beautiful rings that I will be able to pass to my three boys when the time comes. These rings are so precious because every time I look at them they remind me of my wonderful family.  At a time when I needed comfort and understanding Mari was there and for this I will always be grateful. 
Diolch o galon Mari xxxx
Bridget x

I had the pleasure of performing at the opening of Mari's gallery at the Norwegian Church in Swansea. A memento to thank me, was a piece of jewellery
which sparked an interest in her as an artist, and a jolly decent person. I have purchased a number of pieces over the years for myself and for those special to me. I've also entrusted my own jewellery to Mari for some repair and 'making good'. 

It was a special day when our paths crossed for the first time. Here's to the next 25 years of Mari.

Lots of love Kirsten

Now then my dear Mari - where do I begin?!?! There have been many memories, from the privilege of singing at your amazing wedding, to evening walks and delicious food in Berlin, to my 30th and 40th parties, to you setting off my house alarm in the middle of the night! (Funniest moment ever!) And I’ll never forget your generosity after my break-in! I love you very much Mari - thank you for letting me wear your incredible jewellery, and a bigger thanks for being such a good friend. 

Love, Fflur Wyn xxx PS - we will do that Bach double!

Starting out

Many years ago now my husband and I ran little village pub outside Llanelli. A customer of ours asked would we be able to hold a jewellery party for a young aspiring jeweller who was a colleague in Local authority. Glad to help we said yes and along came Mari with a very limited collection. I was hooked on her beautiful work and the stories behind them. 

Well along came my 50th birthday, sad, and my amazing
daughter had a brooch commissioned for me. Absolutely loved it and have a few more small pieces added since. Congratulations Mari on your amazing achievements and accolades.  Local girl done good.

Christine Keenan

Lifelong loyal ladies who lunch and a laughed - a lot!!

‘Llongyfarchiadau cariad! 25 yrs! Waw! Are we really that old?! I remember when we met in Carmarthenshire County Council at the start of your/our careers! And look at what you’ve achieved since. A testament of your passion, vision and persistence. ‘She believed she could so she did’. Through the depths and highs of our stories, ‘behind every strong woman is a tribe of other strong women who have her back’ - always. So here’s to loyal lifelong ladies who lunch and lol - a lot (though definitely best not say about what!). And happy to have been honoured to wear your stunning jewellery for many of our outings! It most definitely always turns heads! ❤️ - Non Jenkins

It's Bernadine (Cayman Islands expat) we original met at my first Hay & Wye Literary Festival in 2016 and continuously popped in to catch up at subsequent festivals until 2019 - Covid was the catalyst.  We had lots of laughter and we also purchased some of your beautiful jewellery.
Congrats on the milestone and fingers crossed hope to attend another Hay - if accommodation can be solved. Regards Bernadine

Patagonia pendant at a Louis Vuitton VIP event in London October 2015

When I wore my beautiful 150 celebration of sailing of Mimosa from Liverpool to Port Madryn a young man working at the event asked if it was a Mari Thomas piece? I think the did work experience with you?
Nia Denbighshire

(He is the lovely Gareth Thomas Evans and did work with me at the gallery many years ago - Mari x)

Cofio Wedding Jewellery

Wedding cufflinks, bangle and gorgeous nails to match - Glenda Jones

We met on Dynefwr ward at Glangwili hospital just over 10 years ago now. We had both had cesarean births. My memories are slightly blurred due to the morphine and the shock and the trauma of experiencing such an emergency. You and I had both wandered over to that little room where breakfast was served. We chatted on a few occasions and it was a comfort to not feel alone in the chaos of the emotions. The fear, the relief, the discomfort, the love and the vulnerability all rolled into one. We said we'd meet up once we felt better. We nearly did once but I couldn't make it. I am so happy to see that you went back to continue on the journey in your own inimitable creative style. 

Congratulations on 25 years in business and very best wishes for the future. (Vicky) Victoria Davies

I first met Mari when my husband commissioned her to make a thumb ring for my 40th birthday.  It was a hilarious and chaotic appointment as Mari was in the process of moving the shop.  Having said that she exudes warmth and humour and we had a brilliant time embracing the chaos and discussing design options. To Mari’s credit, my only input was ‘something on the theme of four, but colourful.’  I was banished whilst budgets were discussed.

A few months later I was allowed to collect my thumb ring.  I was so thrilled that I cried and Mari gave me a lovely hug.  It is the most special and beautiful piece of jewellery I own. It means so much to me on a personal level for a multitude of reasons, but the design is amazing, the colours are wonderful.  The ring itself is better than anything I could have imagined - proof of Mari’s talent and creativity!

Erica Melton