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Celebrate with gorgeous, wearable hand crafted champagne bubbles. The perfect celebratory toast captured in precious metal.
Available in 18ct yellow gold or silver, this collection will be celebrated alongside you, no matter the occasion.

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Carreg / Stone

Our NEW Carreg Collection is inspired by the architecture and stone structure formations of Welsh Castles developed from sketches and drawings created at Carreg Cennen and Kidwelly Castles. The scratched frosted texture on the silver gives each piece a soft, elegant sparkle.

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This hand carved and sculptured collection captures the essence of the beautiful rocks and mountains found in the rugged Welsh landscape. It is crafted in solid silver which is sometimes oxidised in black which is reminiscent of slate or anthracite coal found in Wales. The frosting and polishing in parts highlights the different textures and colours of these sculptured wearable pieces.

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Cofio / Remember

Inspired and containing the famous Welsh poem "Cofio" which means Remember in Welsh by Waldo Williams. The three dimensional pattern is created by Mari's hand written text etched onto each surface. 

This collection was a winner of the the Craft and Design Award at the National Eisteddfod of Wales.

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 Fragments of letters in Mari’s hand writing are etched onto silver cubes to make a collection of jewellery that is versatile for the wearer. Inspired by the fragments of words from the Welsh poem "Cofio" / "Remember" by Waldo Williams.

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Inspired by the sweeping stroke of a fine paint brush, Mari Thomas expresses her devotion for the arts in this collection. Creating fluid layers and lines within the metal, illustrating the textures of paint on canvas.

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Dathlu / Celebration

The Dathlu Collection - a stunning collection of jewellery (named Celebration in English) contain select words which rouse feeling of celebration and happiness, combined with a design inspired by Champagne and bubbles, the epitome of a celebration toast.  These particular pieces contain the word Cariad meaning Love.
This collection was originally a commission from the National Eisteddfod of Wales to celebrate 150 years of the modern day Eisteddfod - one of the world’s greatest cultural festivals.


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Decorative Concepts

This jewellery illustrates elements of Mari’s hand written design notes and drawings using the process of exploring creating and sketching on paper. This design process often includes dismissed ideas however, in this case the first process eventually becomes the final wearable and strikingly beautiful piece in precious metal.

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