Dark and mysterious…what are black diamonds?

Black diamond and silver pendant inspired by brushstrokes on paper

Black diamonds, all you need to know...

Black diamonds are a mystery to many, so let us give you a little insight into the background of these dramatic precious gems.

The first step is to distinguish between natural black diamonds and those clear diamonds that have been treated to become black. Natural black diamonds are extremely rare. Their colour is believed to be caused by graphite clusters in the high number of inclusions that form in the stones. Black diamonds are, essentially, full of these tiny blemishes, giving them their black colour. Treated black diamonds are white diamonds with many inclusions, but they often take on a dull, grey appearance rather than a true black. White diamonds, once subjected to
irradiation, heat and pressure, take on a blackish hue. Whereas regular clear diamonds are composed of a solid crystal, black diamonds differ by consisting of many small crystals stuck together in a very random formation. However, this doesn’t make them any less durable than regular diamonds.

The 4 C’s (clarity, cut, colour and carat) still apply to black diamonds. With a black diamond you want to make sure the colour is fully saturated. In terms of style and beauty, black diamonds are a wonderfully dramatic and edgy alternative to a white or softly coloured diamond. The contrast of a black diamond in a white gold setting is clear and striking, making a real statement. British culture has always loved the drama of a black stone, with Jet being very popular during the Elizabethan period, reaching a new high during the Victorian era. Jet is a
mineraloid formed by fossilised monkey puzzle trees, a little trivia for you. This is fashioned into gemstones. But, unlike black diamonds, Jet has nowhere near the durability, strength or lustre of a black diamond.

The black diamond is a stone that speaks for itself in its rarity and stunning beauty, whether seen alone or paired with clear white diamonds for that wonderfully crisp contrast. What a sophisticated and unique statement for those of us who like to stand out from the crowd.

An example of black diamonds can be found in this one-off pendant made especially to celebrate 25 years in business and inspired by our Brushstroke Collection

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