The romance and sparkle of the marquise cut diamond

marquise and brilliant cut bespoke engagement ring in 18ct yellow gold

A cut inspired by devotion and legendary passion

The Marquise diamond has a wonderfully romantic royal history.

King Louis XV of France, known as "le Bien-Aime", held court in France in a time of opulence and grandiosity.  With a keen interest in science, exploration and botany, he was also an intensely romantic royal, and commissioned a jeweller to create and cut a diamond in a way that uniquely resembled the lips of his renowned lover, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, known as Madame de Pompadour.   

Their romance and devotion to one another is legendary.  As a sign of his devotion to Madame do Pompadour, not only did he commission this highly unique cut, but also commissioned the building of Le Petit Trianon, a private haven of peace, which sits in the opulent gardens of Versailles, for her, his dearest lover.

Its long and elegant silhouette makes the Marquise cut a flattering diamond choice, giving the appearance of elongating the finger of the wearer, whilst sparkling beautifully and brilliantly with its 58 facets.

The romantic and regal origin of the Marquise diamond only adds to the dazzling appeal of this already charming and unique shape.

While dating back to the 18th Century, the cut possesses a wonderfully timeless confidence through its sophisticated yet bold silhouette. It is both femininely elegant and dramatic at the same time; the perfect choice in any jewellery setting that wants to catch the eye and the light around. You could wear it as confidently now as you might have almost 300 years ago in those beautiful gardens of Versailles.  What better proof that romance isn't dead?

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